"No no no!" Sasuke shouted, slamming his fists onto his table. His personal study was as usual, messy and very unorgainized. "I do not!" he whispered to his inner self, the acursed Itachi that haunted him with everymove he made. esecially towards Katon. "I do not love the Kajiki...!!" "But you must." spoke a fimillar voice. Sasuke turned to see a fimmilar Zuuga, whom once shy and timid look in her cripled state, now lead her to look irritated and annoyed. He glared at her hard with his onxy eyes. "How did you manage to get in here?" he spat throuhg gritted teeth. And how did she get there? She was crippled at that, and known as very weak in her clan. "Nevermind that." she said softly. One hand moved her the side of her cheeck, resting her weary head (pic x3). "I know my time here is short..." 'Short?' thought Sasuke. 'What does she mean by-' "I must know." interupped the young fried of Katon. "Do you love her?" (xD;;; i love this one and immdeatly saw this convo with this face O.o even tho it does not fit her personality ;w; i think she was just injured, thats y shes in a wheelchair)